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    7 to 13 March 2022: Week of the Waste Heroes

    Table of contents

      From 7 to 13 March it is the Week of the Waste Heroes. This week focuses on all employees from the waste sector. Every day they are committed to keeping our streets tidy, collecting waste and converting it into new raw materials and products. They are the Heroes, with a capital H, who work daily in practice throughout the entire waste chain.

      It is about work that really matters and that is necessary to keep society going. Useful work, which requires knowledge and professionalism. Collection, green management, cleaning and processing: the men and women who do this work are indispensable and deserve kudos. In the Week of the Waste Heroes, many municipalities, organizations and companies throughout the country give their 30,000 employees extra appreciation.

      The Week of the Waste Heroes took place for the first time in 2021 and is an initiative of the sector organizations NVRD, the Association of Waste Companies, TLN and O&O fund GOE, which deal with waste, cleaning, transport and processing in the Netherlands.

      The professionals of InterCheM also work daily for a clean and sustainable world. We would of course like to thank our drivers who collect waste from all our customers throughout the Netherlands on a daily basis. Our forklift truck drivers who ensure that every waste stream reaches the right place in the right way. The technical service that keeps everything running. The colleagues who sort the waste and check it for usability. Our lab technicians who analyze the waste, our processors who convert the waste into new products, and many others with them. Together with all other colleagues within InterCheM, they ensure that your waste is processed safely and even better, is reused and recycled!