A sustainable paint for Sikkens

Almost every household has leftover paint, 40% of which is suitable for reuse. However, only 1% of this is recycled. Every day we work to ensure that as little as possible ends up with the waste. That is why we are very proud of our collaboration with Sikkens and the product that we have been able to realize together.


The Alpha Recycle mat

The Alpha Recycle mat is a product developed by Sikkens, in collaboration with InterCheM and Inter-GreeN. The mat consists of 35% recycled paint. Paint manufacturer AkzoNobel is aware of the fact that we have to live more sustainably in order to save the environment. Under the name Sikkens, they want to contribute to a better environment. Thanks to Sikkens' experience in producing paint and InterCheM's experience in collecting and reusing paint waste, a sustainable and high-quality product has been brought onto the market. “We think that with this product we have a great solution for the problem of paint waste” says C. Hoddenbagh (Sr. Brand manager Sikkens).


What process precedes a recycled product?

InterCheM collects (white) paint residues throughout the country, so that these residues do not end up with the waste. The paint residues are then sorted, filtered and the usable paint residues processed to make a high-quality recycled paint. Because every paint can is extensively tested, Sikkens can continue to guarantee the quality that we have come to expect from them.

For example, we think that with this product we have a great solution for the problem of paint waste

C Hoddenbagh
Sr. Brand Manager at Sikkens