We believe in recycle, reuse & reduce. As Inter-GreeN, we produce recycled paint products by reusing as much waste as possible to prevent usable materials from being lost unnecessarily.

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In today’s society we are becoming increasingly aware of the (chemical) waste in the world and what the consequences are for the environment. As Inter-GreeN, we produce recycled paint products from recovered raw materials in collaboration with InterCheM. We use residual flows from paint waste and surplus products and raw materials from the paint processing industry. Our sustainable paint products meet the same high quality requirements as new paint. Our goal is to reuse as much waste as possible and to prevent usable materials from being lost unnecessarily. In this way, fewer chemical substances end up in the environment and the (chemical) waste will have less impact on the world.
thousand pounds of paint waste collected for recycling
passionate people make paint waste recycling possible
thousand liters of paint recycled by Inter-GreeN

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Every year, huge amounts of (chemical) waste are destroyed by incineration. This is a heavy burden on the environment. The aim of InterCheM, in collaboration with Inter-GreeN, is to reuse as much collected (chemical) waste as possible. InterCheM is an international chemical manufacturing company specializing in waste collection, treatment, recycling and chemical production. The latter also includes solvents and paint. With more than 50 years of experience, InterCheM knows better than anyone how to collect hazardous waste and store, process and recycle it correctly. Through our international network, which has been built up over many years, we are able to unburden and serve our customers and suppliers worldwide.

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A sustainable paint for Sikkens

Almost every household has leftover paint, 40% of which is suitable for reuse. However, only 1% of this is recycled. Every day we work to ensure that as little as possible ends up with the waste. That is why we are very proud of our collaboration with Sikkens and the product that we have been able to realize together.

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